Do Not Help Me Around The House.

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash

I’m no wonder woman when it comes to housework, I like things neat and clean, but unless the kids are on holiday, house and yard work are constant and even if I kept going and didn’t sleep, I feel like it would never be done.

“I’m not going to vacuum till Sears makes one you can ride on.” — Roseanne Barr.

I know it’s polite to help if you’re at someone’s house, particularly if you stayed and ate there, but for someone like me, it’s a huge stressor.

Here’s why helping me around the house will cause me so much angst:

  1. I prefer to do it myself.
  2. I have a routine around how I do things and when it’s all out of order I end up like that ball in a pinball machine getting flicked back to the start all the time, it honestly messes with my head.
  3. I’d rather do the dishes myself than spend any time putting everything back in the right place.
  4. I can not handle losing things and spending hours trying to find them because someone put it in the wrong place, or worse, threw it out because they didn’t know what it was. (Lost a very important part to a very expensive item when this happened).
  5. House and yard work is something I do when I get the free time so it's relaxing for me.
  6. I’ve had someone help me out then go gossiping that they had to help me because I was so far behind. I was so far behind because Miss Gossipy pants spent way too much time at my place gossiping and getting right in my way.

Not everyone who offers to help does it because they can’t wait to go tell the world how wonderful they are at helping others or how awful you are at keeping up with the housework, but it does happen and here’s my (quite obvious) checklist for a Mr or Mrs Gossipy pants:

  1. Tells you other peoples problems or issues, even people you don’t know.
  2. Always telling you about people they’ve helped or things they’ve done for others.
  3. Way too full of advice and tips, yet don’t seem to have it all together themselves.
  4. Has way too much time on their hands, particularly for helping/visiting people.
  5. Lying, keeping secrets, blaming, cheating, or any other crappy behaviour not worth your precious time and energy.
  6. Always keen to see you and very quickly needs you to babysit, or borrow your car, or any other favour. Favours are normal between friends and family, but when it's constant or they only turn up when they need something, they’re not your friend.
  7. Clearly nosy! If they’re taking in every detail of every room in your home, something is not right. I’ve had a “friend” do this, even open closed doors as if they’re looking for something, very creepy, don’t be creepy!




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