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Family Violence & Children.

The damage family violence causes children.

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2 min readJun 22, 2023


Book number Two.

I went through life assuming family violence was something that happened to other people, the types of people who didn’t know any better, maybe they weren’t educated, maybe they grew up like that and don’t know any better, maybe the victims weren’t taught how to stand up for themselves, whatever it was, it wasn’t my problem.

Then someone made it my problem.

So I wrote, wrote, and wrote enough to write two books.

I went through Family Court to protect my children from the paternal side, their father was violent, his mother had a history of violence and had never met her other three grandchildren, and the only sane person in the family had nothing to do with the rest of them.

They seemed like your average people on the outside, but this was no average dysfunction, this had to be years of intergenerational mind games.

That was the one thing that stood out to me the most; violent people don’t look violent on the outside.

Family Court deals with violent people every day, they’re experts and say exactly the right words to syphon out their abusive ways, I’ll never forget the mother yelling in front of two lawyers that she was the only person to control her son. Oh, it was gold, and so simple, I wish I’d thought of it first, sadly she just went on a strange rant and kind of regressed into a child, it was strange but enlightening.

The book I’ve written on KDP, my second attempt at publishing, focuses on the damage done to children from living around violence in the home. It is a collection of short articles from birth to adolescence covering:

  • Maternal stress.
  • Prenatal resilience.
  • How witnessing violence affects children.
  • PTSD and your immune system.
  • The physiological impact of psychological abuse.
  • Early prevention measures for personality disorders.
  • The aftermath of Domestic Violence.
  • Why absent is better than narcissistic.
  • Co-parenting.
  • Parenting orders for supervision.

You can find it here at Amazon.

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