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My first kindle book of Medium stories.

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3 min readMar 31, 2023


First Kindle Book: Toxic Relationships.

KDP is the best place for new writers to self-publish their books, technically KDP is doing the publishing, but you’re in charge of most of the work and they provide the platform. Most importantly read the rules and guidelines, take your time, it will be worth the wait (I did not do this … I’m still doing this!).

Here is my no-expertise (two years later) take on the experience:

  1. I did not format my book correctly and I am blocked from editing, long story! You need to understand formatting, in general, and Microsoft offers loads of help there. I don’t have KDP create because it is not compatible with what I have, but Word works well once you get the hang of it. I also found this lovely lady’s page, she holds regular live writing shows with friends and whoever wants to join, so please check her out here:

2. Marketing is key as we all know there are amazing products out there that don’t get traction because of their marketing. If you’re busy on social media, you shouldn’t have too much trouble marketing. Amazon has quite a technical marketing option, it’s theirs so obviously it will work, but do your due diligence, it can be costly if not done well. I won’t be so quick to hit publish next time so I can be happy with what I’m putting out on the market.

3. Have a separate document for your table of contents, this helps when it comes to publishing as KDP will point out. It’s also nice for the customer to get an idea of what they’re purchasing.

4. Your book cover is the selling point, get out everything you need succinctly. Know your audience well; what colours, fonts, whether they like images or not, and the style of writing they prefer can all be found with just a few creative clicks.

5. You can use to practice your writing for any project, you own what you write on Medium so you can do what you like with it, but remember Medium…



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