Seven Translations Of Common Phrases.

What do your common phrases really say about you?

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3 min readOct 29, 2022


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  1. “I’m so busy.” — I want you to think I’m important.
  2. “People are so stupid.” — I am smarter than everyone.
  3. “I don’t care what anyone thinks.” — I don’t care enough about what I think.
  4. “You, he, she, they …” — I am not capable of self-evaluation.
  5. “Happy, happy, happy.” — Lying, lying, lying.
  6. “You are my everything.” — I need therapy.
  7. “I love you.” — I love me.

Most of us can read other people easily, but social norms and practices cause us to gloss over obvious discrepancies between what a person is saying and what they are projecting.

This human tendency toward compassion and empathy has its benefits, however, it also comes with risks such as making excuses and becoming accepting of harmful behaviours, our own and those of others.

A lot of people consider themselves busy and it's quite likely they are, but we’re all living in a relatively similar space and time so comparisons only prove a person’s need to establish identity and authority over that time.

People who get things done without having to talk about it seem more capable of time management even if it's only because they have less to do with their time.

Yes, people are stupid because we are wasteful and entitled beings whose emotions run riot over logic, but many are working to save the planet and build a brighter future so let us focus on those people.

Anyone who feels the need to say that they don’t care what other people think is caring too much about what other people think. We don’t tend to point out feelings that don’t exist.

Some people are self-blamers and will go out of their way to take the blame just to save an argument, then there are those that will point in all directions…



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