DNA Doesn’t Make A Family; Love Does.

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What is up with “parents” these days posting pictures of themselves with their children, sometimes on their supervised visit days, saying they miss them!? How about not getting yourself into a position where you miss your children or need to be supervised or, god forbid, actually sort your shit out so you can post your own photos of you having REAL time with your kids.

How embarrassing for the children and their families! Even worse, those “parents” downloading photos of their children from the pages of people who are actually looking after them, then posting the photos as if they are their own.

I know there are parents who make mistakes and are genuinely working hard to get back on their feet, but those parents are the ones that know they did wrong and don’t harm their children any further by posting about the mess they made.

If you don’t spend time and money on your children, you are not their parent. You have nothing to do with their daily lives? Not their parent. If you prioritise yourself over your children and do not contribute to any part of their lives, I don’t care if you're genetically their parent, you are not their parent. Respect the people who are taking care of your children because guess what? They ARE their parents. You are genetic material and nothing else.

No apologies to offended genetic material.

Thanks for reading❤.

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